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Usi - Seven Provist Chimeras and one Wyvern were destroyed in Usi by a force of over 1000 capsuleers. The Wyvern, piloted by Kossen Jaikka, was destroyed after a little over an hour of fighting. The Caldari ...

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Taisy - Three Provists piloting stolen Caldari Navy Chimeras escaped Taisy after the capsuleer alliance Pandemic Legion protected them from the fleets that had come to destroy them. Numerous capsuleer ships were destroyed, both by the carriers and Pandemic Legion forces, without any Provist losses. ...

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We are happy to annouce the sixth name that has been drawn from our pool of Fanfest ticket holders to be part of a group that will receive an exclusive tour of CCP Headquarters at Fanfest 2014!

This week's winner is Braaken of Axton Industries [AXTON]. ...

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With the elections for the 9th Council of Stellar Management (CSM9) coming to a close in 5 days, at Midnight GMT on Tuesday April 22nd, we at CCP and the CSM wanted to help players get a better idea of the role that the CSM plays every day and how much they contribute the development of EVE Online. ...

18.04.2014 17:22:00
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There are many useful 3rd party tools that help players make their lives easier. They range from market sorters, skill planners, and ship fitters. GARPA, a team of players who are part of Goonfleet, have produced two such tools, the Garpa Topographical Survey mapping program and the GarpaUI settings backup and sync program. ...

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Torrinos - Ina Okonada and Aikabinen Unijila, two Provist commanders piloting stolen Caldari Navy Phoenix-class dreadnaughts, were killed in Torrinos today by a force just shy of 400 capsuleers. Despite the losses, several high-value capsuleer ships were lost in the fighting, including a Tengu and a Kronos. ...

17.04.2014 16:52:00
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The second in our weekly series of new cruiser skins is the Caracal Nugoeihuvi Edition! This cosmetic variation of the Caracal cruiser is available right now in the ingame store for your enjoyment.

Last week’s new skin was the Stabber Krusual Edition, and as we get closer to Fanfest 2014 further skins will be also released for the Omen and Thorax for your viewing pleasure! ...