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LUMINAIRE – This morning several major news outlets, including the Scope, received packages containing medical documents indicating voice modification surgery on a patient named as “Alice Moreaux”. Additionally, the packages of material contained identification paperwork indicating this to be the real name of Gallente Presidential candidate Serena Nova.

The Scope has not yet established the source of this leak, and initial investigations have confirmed the absence of fingerprints, DNA or other traces on the packages. It seems clear that whoever is behind the leaks was careful to take precautions against being identified. ...

Coming To EVE In Tiamat
CCP Seagull - 28.01.2015 16:50:16
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We are just getting started this year, and the Tiamat release brings on February 17th both quality of life changes and some significant next steps on the developing story of New Eden. Log in, undock and go find out what is really going on! Here are the features coming to EVE Online in Tiamat:  

New NPCs with new abilities

Smarter and more cunning adversaries will begin to appear after the release of Tiamat. You should make sure that you keep an eye on what they're up to, and make sure that you stay locked and loaded whenever you come into contact with them. ...

Patch Notes For Proteus
CCP Falcon - 27.01.2015 22:14:05

Patch Notes für Proteus
Rionan Nafee - 13.01.2015 21:15:02  

Patch Notes für Proteus 1.3

Aufgespielt am Donnerstag, den 22. Januar 2015



Wissenschaft & Industrie

  • Die Elemente für Teams wurden aus dem Industriefenster entfernt. Weitere Informationen bezüglich der Entfernung der Industrieteams können hier gefunden werden (englisches Original).




  • Frachter können nun wieder Mobile Tractor Units und Mobile Depots aus dem Weltraum aufnehmen.
  • Schiffe mit zusammengebauten Mobile Tractor Units oder Mobile Depots in ihrem Frachtraum können wieder in einer POS Ship Maintenance Array eingelagert werden.
  • ...
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Roden Speaks At Arcurio Election Address
CCP Falcon - 27.01.2015 20:18:56
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LUMINAIRE – President Roden has spoken publicly for the first time since the Gallente Presidential Election entered the advanced voting stage, in an address made from the site of the Operation Highlander memorial in District 24 of Arcurio this evening.

Wrapped in a jet black Vallou Greatcoat to fend off the biting cold and snow of Arcurio’s harsh winter, President Roden gave a candid retrospective of his presidency since his convincing victory in the YC111 elections, citing the need for unity among the people of the Federation and a sense of continuity. ...

Kelen Ontbad Holds Election Holorally at Algintal Complex
ISD Archetys Traum - 27.01.2015 15:46:37
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COLELIE – Kelen Ontbad, the noted Federation-born Vherokior artist, held an election holorally this morning from the Algintal Complex on Colelie X, the sprawling political megaplex housing the holographic artwork that first brought him to prominence in YC99. Speaking before an eclectic crowd of politicians, academics, artists and media personalities, and holocasting to millions across the Federation, Ontbad opened by touching on his motivation for running.

“I heard a calling that has being growing in intensity since I had the great honor to be a part of this magnificent structure’s grand opening,” he declared. ...

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LUMINAIRE – In interviews yesterday, former Mayor of Arcurio Shaileen Ramnev once more placed the issue of Caldari Prime at the center of her campaign to become the next President of the Gallente Federation.

Speaking to the Scope, Ramnev said, "These elections are the perfect platform to bring the voice and needs of Caldari Prime’s people to a wider spectrum of attention. The empires turned our home into a theater for war and conflict, resulting in millions of casualties and incalculable damage to our world and society. We won't allow this anymore, and the cluster must heed our arguments and hear our voices." ...

Mass Test On Thursday, January 29th
CCP Falcon - 26.01.2015 14:00:37
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We are planning a mass test on our public test server Singularity for testing changes for the Tiamat release.

We are testing updates to the audio engine and to audio effects for turrets, so all participants are asked to enable audio. We will also take a look at secondary lighting and check the general stability and performance of client and server.

If you’re interested in attending please join us on Singularity, Thursday, January 29th, at 17:00 UTC.

All participants will receive a small reward ...

CSM 9 Winter Summit - Day Four Meeting Minutes
CCP Falcon - 24.01.2015 18:37:45
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The CSM 9 Winter Summit has now concluded, with many topics covered and may words spoken about spaceships and other incredibly serious interstellar matters.

Now that we're recovered from four days of intensive talks on all things New Eden, the minutes for Day 4 of the summit are available for you to digest at your leisure, in both PDF and raw text format. You can find them at the following links:

To discuss their content, feel free to head on over to this t ...

CSM 9 Winter Summit - Day Three Meeting Minutes
CCP Falcon - 23.01.2015 19:21:12
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The third day of sessions between the EVE Online Development Team and the Council of Stellar Management occured yesterday, with more talk about very important stuff.

With Ali ArasSion KumitomoCorbexxXander Phoena, corebloodbrothersSugar Kyle and progodlegend here at CCP Headquarters to attend the summit, and the rest of the council attending sessions remotely, the third day of presentations and talks were held on Thursday, January 22nd in the new 4 day summit format.

After another 8 hours of talks, we are happy to present the CSM Summit Minutes for the third day of the CSM 9 Winter Summit for your reading pleasure. ...

Gallente Presidential Election Enters Advance Voting Stage
CCP Delegate Zero - 23.01.2015 16:44:56
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VILLORE – Advance voting in the Gallente Presidential election began across all Federation territories at 00.00 EST this morning. The opening of the advance voting stage in this Presidential election comes as current affairs in New Eden are overshadowed by the extraordinary events of the last few months, beginning with the detection of the "Caroline's Star" anomaly by capsuleers on November 26th YC116.

Despite muted campaigning, amidst a near blackout on government communications with interstellar media organizations during this period, the issues of the campaign promise to be hotly contested during this vital period of the election. ...