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AMARR PRIME – In the final phase of the most sacred rituals of the Amarr Empire, the noble Royal Heirs of the Imperial Houses of Amarr, who served during the reign of Her Imperial Majesty Jamyl I, surrendered their lives in the Rite of Shathol’Syn tonight. ...

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With the arrival of a new video blog update from CCP Seagull that charts the next couple of months of activity around EVE Online, we've made a few additions to EVE Updates to reflect what's coming to New Eden over the course of the next release, plus what's coming in the November expansion. ...

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CSM 11 recently finished its first summit in Reykjavik, discussing all aspects of developing and running EVE with a wide representation of EVE's developers, producers and executives.

The democratically ...

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We are happy to announce that in advance of the first weekend of Alliance Tournament XIV, we have four bomber SKINs on sale as a bundle with 25% discount in the New Eden Store!

The SKINs included in this bundle are:

Purifier EoM SKIN (Permanent) Manticore Wiyrkomi SKIN (Permanent) Nemesis Intaki Syndicate SKIN (Permanent) Jound Justice SKIN (Permanent)


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We are currently experiencing issues with account management services, and at present the account management website is offline.

PLEX, AURUM and subscription sales, as well as account management functions such as code redeeming are currently offline while we attempt to resolve this issue. ...

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Welcome to the Alliance Tournament Team Spotlight, where we take a closer look at some of the teams competing in the Alliance Tournament XIV. Today, we are looking at Complaints Department [P45], who are newcomers to this year’s tournament. ...

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Join our mass test this Thursday, September 29th, and explore the latest EVE Online features under development! 

We invite you to our next mass test on the server Singularity this Thursday, September 29th, at 17:00 EVE time (=UTC). ...