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Ostingele - President Jacus Roden today announced the commissioning and distribution of the Wings of Valor medal, to be presented to all the pilots who assisted the Federal Defence Union in fully capturing all territory contested between the Caldari State and Gallente Federation on January 12, YC115.

In a short speech delivered from the Federal Defence Union HQ, President Roden applauded the pilots who delivered the historic victory. "The pride of those loyal to the Federation is a testament to our unfailing beliefs. Just over three years ago, the morale of the Federal Defence Union was at its lowest point. ...

Lotteries Growing in Popularity
ISD Angelus Faust - 01.06.2012 21:23:00
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Over the past few years lotteries have gradually become increasingly popular throughout New Eden. Recently, however, the industry has exploded with an estimated 50,000 pilots partaking in lotteries such as SOMERblink, Ships of EVE, and BIG Lottery. Almost every lottery has its own set of rules and characteristics; pilots should familiarise themselves with how a particular lottery works before gambling.

Some of the first lotteries to dot New Eden began on the CONCORD pilot messaging boards. Ships of EVE was one of such lotteries, with prizes ranging from a single faction battleship to portfolios of hundreds of ships. ...


Unser New Eden Universum wächst stetig und rasant an. Wir sind Zeitzeugen einer Ära, in der es mehr Menschen rund um den Globus möglich ist, ein Kapselpilot zu werden als jemals zuvor.

Die EVE-University reagiert auf den sprunghaften Anstieg neuer Piloten mit der Einrichtung von drei weiteren Firmen.

Ich hatte vor kurzem das Vergnügen, Kelduum Revaan, seines Zeichens Vorsitzender der EVE-University und Vertreter des CSM7, zu treffen. Die EVE-University ist federführend bei der Einführung neuer Kapselpiloten in die Welt von New Eden. ...

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BIG Lottery Celebrates Ninth Anniversary
ISD Tedra Kerrigan - 06.05.2012 22:05:00

BIG Lottery feiert neuntes Jubiläum
Skyfox - 07.05.2012 08:18:51  

New Eden - Die BIG Lottery feiert ihr neuntes Jubiläum mit riesigen Preisen.

Die Zeit um Tickets für diese außergewöhnliche Runde, die mit Preisen im Gesamtwert von 45 Milliarden ISK und 21 Monaten gratis Spielzeit lockt, zu kaufen wird knapp.

Die Preise sind:

25 Milliarden ISK + 12 Monate

15 Milliarden ISK + 6 Monate

5 Milliarden ISK + 3 Monate

Die Tickets kosten 1000 ISK pro Stück  und es gibt ein Limit von 200.000 Tickets pro Kapselpilot, gültig für die oben genannten Preise sind nur Tickets die zwischen 30. ...

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Drone Regions Could Suffer Without Extracted Alloys
ISD Eumaios Thelousses - 25.04.2012 19:38:00
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The Drone Regions have undergone a dramatic reshaping as CONCORD begin issuing bounties upon the destruction of Rogue Drones. In line with this change, valuable extracted drone alloys are no longer available.

Zazhas, an officer within Ethereal Dawn [ED], believes that these changes will bring about "more co-operation" between miners and combat pilots. When it comes to manufacturing, he feels that while transport of goods can be problematic in null-sec, these changes may require a few more imports.

Syndic Naismith, a member of Broken Toys [FUHRD], believes that the changes will hurt budding industrial alliances that used the Drone Regions as an industrial hub for manufacturing, but also concedes that the amount of minerals made available by drone alloys did provide Drone Region industrialists with an unfair advantage. ...

SOMER Blink Giveaway Celebration
ISD Tedra Kerrigan - 17.04.2012 04:12:00
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​SOMER Blink, the EVE instant lottery corporation, has reached a record 150 Trillion ISK in distributed prizes, and is holding a monster giveaway celebration to mark the milestone.

Prizes include an Erebus Titan or 100 Billion ISK, a Heretic BPO, a Titan BPO of the winner's choice, a supercarrier BPO of the winner's choice and more.

In addition, they have also given away over 600 Billion ISK worth of prizes via free Promo blinks, with several days still left on the celebration.

The SOMER blink site, which strives to provide the 'everything on the line' instant win/loss of a casino, was the brainchild of Somerset Mahm, and has grown into the largest lottery organization in New Eden, currently averaging more than a trillion ISK in winnings a day. ...

Third Seyllin Conference Announced
ISD Tedra Kerrigan - 17.04.2012 03:58:00
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Seyllin, Essence; The third annual Seyllin Conference has been announced. It will take place on the 26th and 27th of May this year, starting at 22:00 on both days.

The conference will be held in the Planet 8, Moon 14 CreoDron station, and all capsuleers are welcome to attend.

The conference will be spread over two days, the first day covering 'Phenomena and Discoveries', and the second will cover 'Fighting the Nation Threat'.

The conference, originally the brainchild of Julian Soter and the leadership of the early Synenose Accord, has run for three years, each year covering a different topic. ...

The Mittani Faces Outcry
ISD Eumaios Thelousses - 27.03.2012 02:19:00

Entrüstung über The Mittani
Neovenator - 28.03.2012 12:09:42  

​Jita, The Forge - Proteste aufgrund der Aussagen von The Mittani, dem Vorsitzenden des CSM. 

Wörtlich zitiert wurde er mit: "Übrigens, wenn ihr möchtet, dass der Typ sich umbringt, sein Name ist 'The WIS' T-H-E WIS. Nicht mit einem z, The Wis. Er hat seine eigene Corp...findet ihn"

In einem Gespräch mit The Wis bestätigte selbiger, dass die Aggressionen in seine Richtung unprovoziert stattgefunden hatten. 

Eine große Anzahl an Kapselpiloten forderten mittlerweile den Rücktritt von The Mittani. ...

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Pandemic Legion Titan is Destroyed
ISD Tedra Kerrigan - 20.03.2012 23:40:00
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Amamake, Heimatar - A few nights ago, a mixed fleet of Faction Warfare capsuleers, mostly in dreadnaughts and battleships, ambushed and destroyed a Pandemic Legion titan in Amamake.

The planning itself was done in secrecy - only the planners themselves, Tekitha and Lock Out of Shadows of the Federaion and First General of Wolfsbrigade, along with a few trusted aides were informed of the plan, with the hope that it would help keep details of the attack from Pandemic Legion's spy network.

Most of the members of the 85-man fleet did not know the full plan even as they set off for the selected locations and found ships waiting for them there. ...

CSM Candidate Interviews: Part III
ISD Eumaios Thelousses - 20.03.2012 22:33:00
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With just hours left in the CSM elections, this may be the last chance for voters to learn a little about the candidates.

Interstellar Correspondents asked candidates several questions in order to better understand who they are; where do they live? What do they do? What qualifications do they have? Some of the candidates are very serious while others take a lighter view of the universe we live in.

We have only included candidates that responded to our request. The field is much larger, and we encourage you to vote for a candidate that you trust. The full list of candidates and voting opportunities is in the link at the bottom of this article.