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NEW CALDARI - The Chief Executive Panel has sent a shockwave through the political landscape of New Eden this morning, after ordering the closure of all State Embassies and consulates with in the Gallente Federation.

The mandate, which was issued just moments ago, demands "the immediate cessation of all diplomatic engagements with representatives from the Federal Government" along with "the immediate return of all State ambassadors and emissaries operating within Federal border to New Caldari Prime for debrief".

In addition to this, passage of all Gallente non-capsuleer traffic across the Caldari-Gallente border has been suspended by Caldari Customs, and the Chief Executive Panel has warned Caldari corporations currently engaged in business with Gallente registered organizations that no non-capsuleer traffic will be permitted to cross the border into the State, regardless of any pre-approved customs and immigration documentation. ...


NEW CALDARI - The Chief Executive Panel has responded with outrage this afternoon, after an alleged report from the Federal Intelligence Office passed to the Nugoeihuvi News Network further fuelled Caldari Intelligence Service suspicions that the FIO has been operating illegally within Caldari borders.

The report, which has no credited author or details of intended recipient and is said to have been leaked from within the Federal Intelligence office, highlights what are believed to be a number of inconsistencies in Caldari Navy and Home Guard records, including irregularities in weapons and equipment inventory at the Kyonoke Pit's security cordon around the time frame that the breach by Ohmon Kasaras is believed to have occurred. ...


PERIMETER - The Office of Press for the Caldari Navy has responded angrily to questions from several press outlets that have suggested the involvement of the Caldari Navy, State Peacekeepers and Home Guard in the breach on the Kyonoke Pit which occurred in early February.

The circumstances surrounding the breach, which resulted in a number of still unresolved quarantine situations across the cluster, have been called into question by the Federal Intelligence Office in recent days after senior figures within the organization revealed that the FIO is currently undertaking an investigation that may link the appearance of Kyonoke inside Federal borders with an attempted attack by Caldari Nationalists. ...


RENYN - The Federal Intelligence office has confirmed rumors circulating in the press that the Special Department of Internal Investigations and Federal Security, also known as the "Black Eagles", is in the midst of an investigation that may link the outbreak of Kyonoke Plague in Postouvin to acts of terrorism in the Federation.

During a statement made to the interstellar press on board FIO Headquarters in Renyn, Thoun Gaterau, Lead Field Agent & Administrator for the Black Eagles, commented that "an investigation is ongoing into the origins of the Kyonoke outbreak In Postouvin, and has been launched to ascertain whether an extremist Caldari Nationalist attack is responsible for the current situation on board the RP4 hemorphite processing platform." ...


HATAKANI - Executives from Kaalakiota, Sukuuvestaa and CBD have walked out of Chief Executive Panel talks with the Federal government, after audio recordings were leaked in which a number of Gallente Senators criticised the ethics of forcing protestors in the State back to work.

While the identities of the senators involved are unknown at this time, it is known that questions were raised about the unethical treatment of the workforce in the State, after those protesting against conditions on Oijanen II were forced back to work by the enactment of employment contract clauses prohibiting employee involvement in civil unrest. ...


NEW CALDARI - Almost two billion protestors returned to work this morning, after a statement released by the Chief Executive Panel gave further details of the ongoing situation in Oijanen II.

Footage released anonymously to the Scope was branded as "heavily edited, sensationalist tabloid reporting" by the Chief Executive of Lai Dai, with several representatives from the Nugoeihuvi News Network commenting that the footage in no way represented the situation on the ground in the city of Myrskaa.

The CEP was also notified this morning of intended actions by megacorporations across the State that have forced protestors back to work by empowering employers to terminate work contracts with individuals seen to be "inciting, promoting, participating in, or enabling civil unrest". ...


VILLORE - Comments made by several Senators from Essence and Placid sparked controversy this morning, after the situation in Oijanen was branded a "humanitarian crisis" in a progress report meeting on the ongoing RP4 Kyonoke outbreak in Postouvin.

Representatives from the Supreme Court and the Senate's newly formed Kyonoke Oversight Committee were briefed on the ongoing efforts of Poteque Pharmaceuticals, Duvolle Laboratories and Genolution, who remain in constant communication with the quarantined population of the RP4 industrial installation in Postouvin. ...


NEW CALDARI - State Peacekeepers have been forced to draft in additional troops, after protests erupted on New Caldari Prime, Nonni I, Malkalen V and the Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant, as well as in several other locations across the State earlier today.

The unrest across several of the most populated systems in the State comes after the release of unauthorized footage from within the Myrskaa quarantine zone, which appears to show conditions of extreme squalor, indicating a breakdown in basic services, amenities and law enforcement. ...


POSTOUVIN - A large formation of Society of Conscious Thought research vessels has arrived at the construction site of the Kyonoke Inquest Center this afternoon, along with a flotilla of freighters carrying research and medical equipment.

A statement from the Society has confirmed rumors that the organization has begun genetic research on the latest strain of Kyonoke, in an attempt to "either create a vaccine, or an inhibitor with the intention of limiting the spread of the deadly pathogen".

Speaking to the interstellar press in a holo call from the partially constructed research site, Elder Mentor Matshi Raish confirmed that "as soon as the relevant facilities are commissioned, the Society will draft in the best and brightest from all four corners of the cluster with a view to working toward a mutual resolution that can safely resolve the interstellar Kyonoke crisis." ...


VILLORE - A number of Federal human rights groups have criticised the Caldari State's handling of the Kyonoke Plague outbreak in Oijanen, after unauthorized footage released today showed mass protests outside the quarantine nanoshield dome that was placed over the city of Myrskaa almost a month ago.

The Gallente Humanist League, Federal Humane Foundation and Gallente Humanist Association staged their own protests outside the Senate chamber today, after it was revealed that an unknown number of Gallente citizens in the employ of CreoDron, who operate a manufacturing facility in the nearby system of Reisen, are being held within the quarantine zone that currently seals off the city of Myrskaa. ...