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Fanfest 2017 ? The Kyonoke Inquest
Team Murder Services - 30.03.2017 15:33:11
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All is not well in New Eden, after a series of large ...

Patch notes for 119.3 release
CCP Phantom - 30.03.2017 10:13:48
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Patch notes for 119.3 Release 1.6
Published on Thursday, March 30th, 2017

Defect Fixes:


Fanfest 2017 - Live Stream
CCP Mimic - 29.03.2017 15:23:48
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Greetings Capsuleers!

Just a few short days to go and Fanfest will be upon us! As the Reykjavik office gets everything prepared for our epic celebrations of all things EVE, the o7 crew are hard at work making sure that all of you at home can get as much of that magical Fanfest-feel as possible on our live stream.

Player and Developer Presenters

No Fanfest stream is complete without player hosts. This year the EVE TV crew will be joined by:

Drechlas, the Great Bearded fundraising personality who ...


POSTOUVIN - A steady stream of vessels arrived throughout the course of this morning, as science teams from all four corners of the cluster continue to descend the Kyonoke Inquest Center and begin to set up a base of operations.

The first to arrive was a joint Matari team from Boundless Creation and Six Kin Development, who have been engaged in dealing with the Kyonoke outbreak on board the orbital platform of a space elevator in Muttokon, which marked the first known case of Kyonoke Plague ever recorded outside the Caldari State.

A second team from the Empire consisting of bio-engineers and genetic specialists from Inherent Implants arrived shortly afterward, and were seen to be greeted by the team from the Republic in an incredibly rare showing of Amarr-Matari collaboration. ...


KASSIGAINEN - Reports have reached the Scope News desk in the last half hour regarding the destruction of a flotilla of vessels owned by the Quafe Company, which were apparently traversing the Caldari-Gallente border on a routine supply run.

The Federation Navy and Senate have condemned the actions of Caldari Customs forces, who appear to have engaged the unarmed convoy for violating the border closure mandate that has remained in force since Wednesday.

Representatives from Ishukone and Wiyrkomi have condemned the assault by the State Armed Forces, which destroyed seven unarmed Obelisk class freighters belonging to the Quafe Company, in an engagement that left no survivors. ...

The EVE Fanfest 2017 MegaBlog!
CCP Falcon - 24.03.2017 10:01:22
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It’s about that time of the year again!

EVE Fanfest 2017 is just a couple of weeks away, and pretty soon capsuleers will start to arrive in Reykjavík from across the globe for three days filled with spaceship related presentations, roundtables, events, parties and drinking excursions.

Over here at CCP Iceland, we’ve been working for a few months now to bring Fanfest attendees and stream viewers alike the annual action packed celebration of all things New Eden.

Whether your interests lie in alliance warfare, industry, PvE, piracy, building your own empire or taking a massive dump on someone else’s plans for galactic domination, we’ve got content here for you at Fanfest this year. ...


POSTOUVIN - The Society of Conscious Thought has confirmed the official commissioning of the Kyonoke Inquest Center, which lies in close proximity to the quarantined RP4 Hemorphite processing facility in Postouvin.

Speaking to a selection of interstellar press whom were invited aboard the structure for the occasion, SoCT Elder Mentor Raish confirmed that the facility is now fully operational, and has been formally designated as the "H4-RP4 Kyonoke Inquest Center".

Adding to the announcement, he stated that the installation "represents the pinnacle of genetic research and development, with the most advanced genetic engineering and bio labs in the cluster". ...

Introducing Upwell Refineries
Team Five 0 - 22.03.2017 14:59:54
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Hello again ingenious capsuleers! This dev blog will cover the plans for the next series of Upwell Structures to become available to Capsuleers: Refineries.

We are releasing two connected dev blogs today. The first looks back at the last year of Upwell Structures and towards the future of updates and additions to their functionality. It also includes links to a survey that we’re releasing to gather your feedback about what priorities you think we should set in our quest to make all Upwell Structures better and easier to use for everyone. I highly encourage checking it out!

Rather than looking at structures as a whole, this dev blog focuses on just one upcoming set that is poised to revolutionize the way resources are harvested and processed in New Eden.

Refineries will be the premiere structure for resource collection and processing, with bonuses to reprocessing and the exclusive ability to fit moon mining and reaction service modules. ...

The Advancing World of Upwell Structures
Team Five 0 - 22.03.2017 14:59:33
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Hello tireless capsuleers and welcome to this dev blog from your friendly neighborhood Team Five O!

We are currently hard at work bringing you improvements and features for structure gameplay as well as preparing for the next new group of Upwell Structures. Today’s blog will discuss the roadmap for Upwell Structures; past, present and near future. We’ll look back on the progress of the last year, bring you up to speed with the work that we are engaged in right now, and open up a new survey where you can participate in creating our short-term roadmap. We are also releasing a second dev blog at the same time as this one, which discusses the next new group of Upwell Structures: Refineries.

It can sometimes be hard to believe that the Citadel expansion was released less than 11 months ago. ...


NEW CALDARI - The Chief Executive Panel has sent a shockwave through the political landscape of New Eden this morning, after ordering the closure of all State Embassies and consulates with in the Gallente Federation.

The mandate, which was issued just moments ago, demands "the immediate cessation of all diplomatic engagements with representatives from the Federal Government" along with "the immediate return of all State ambassadors and emissaries operating within Federal border to New Caldari Prime for debrief".

In addition to this, passage of all Gallente non-capsuleer traffic across the Caldari-Gallente border has been suspended by Caldari Customs, and the Chief Executive Panel has warned Caldari corporations currently engaged in business with Gallente registered organizations that no non-capsuleer traffic will be permitted to cross the border into the State, regardless of any pre-approved customs and immigration documentation. ...