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Introducing Upwell Refineries
Team Five 0 - 22.03.2017 14:59:54
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Hello again ingenious capsuleers! This dev blog will cover the plans for the next series of Upwell Structures to become available to Capsuleers: Refineries.

We are releasing two connected dev blogs today. The first looks back at the last year of Upwell Structures and towards the future of updates and additions to their functionality. It also includes links to a survey that we’re releasing to gather your feedback about what priorities you think we should set in our quest to make all Upwell Structures better and easier to use for everyone. I highly encourage checking it out!

Rather than looking at structures as a whole, this dev blog focuses on just one upcoming set that is poised to revolutionize the way resources are harvested and processed in New Eden.

Refineries will be the premiere structure for resource collection and processing, with bonuses to reprocessing and the exclusive ability to fit moon mining and reaction service modules. ...

The Advancing World of Upwell Structures
Team Five 0 - 22.03.2017 14:59:33
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Hello tireless capsuleers and welcome to this dev blog from your friendly neighborhood Team Five O!

We are currently hard at work bringing you improvements and features for structure gameplay as well as preparing for the next new group of Upwell Structures. Today’s blog will discuss the roadmap for Upwell Structures; past, present and near future. We’ll look back on the progress of the last year, bring you up to speed with the work that we are engaged in right now, and open up a new survey where you can participate in creating our short-term roadmap. We are also releasing a second dev blog at the same time as this one, which discusses the next new group of Upwell Structures: Refineries.

It can sometimes be hard to believe that the Citadel expansion was released less than 11 months ago. ...


NEW CALDARI - The Chief Executive Panel has sent a shockwave through the political landscape of New Eden this morning, after ordering the closure of all State Embassies and consulates with in the Gallente Federation.

The mandate, which was issued just moments ago, demands "the immediate cessation of all diplomatic engagements with representatives from the Federal Government" along with "the immediate return of all State ambassadors and emissaries operating within Federal border to New Caldari Prime for debrief".

In addition to this, passage of all Gallente non-capsuleer traffic across the Caldari-Gallente border has been suspended by Caldari Customs, and the Chief Executive Panel has warned Caldari corporations currently engaged in business with Gallente registered organizations that no non-capsuleer traffic will be permitted to cross the border into the State, regardless of any pre-approved customs and immigration documentation. ...


With Fanfest soon approaching, we’re happy to announce that we have now finalized the roster of CCP Developers that will be joining attendees for the Fanfest 2017 Charity Evening.

Hosted at Harpa, all proceeds from the Fanfest Charity Evening are donated to Barnaspítali Hringsins – The Iceland Children’s Hospital, who specialize in providing long term care for children who require treatment for a variety of health issues including cancer and diabetes as well as cardiovascular and neurological issues.

Beginning at 20:00 UTC on the ground floor of Harpa, on the first day of Fanfest (April 6th, 2017), the charity evening is a chance to enjoy dinner and drinks with CCP staff, all for a good cause. ...

Patch notes for 119.3 release
CCP Phantom - 21.03.2017 17:14:20
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Patch notes for 119.3 Release 1.4
Published on Tuesday, March 21th, 2017

Features & Changes:

User Interface:

  • Added a Total Net Worth counter to the character sheet. This is accessed by clicking a ? icon in the character sheet header. This counter updates once every 5 minutes.

Defect Fixes:

User Interface:

  • Fixed an issue where custom scanning filters could get in a bad state and prevent the new scanning system from working.
  • Fixed an issue with Probe and Directional Scanner window transparency when undocked from the Solar System map.
  • Fixed an issue where the Scan Strength tooltip in the Probe Scanner window was not showing the correct bonus for tech 3 cruisers.
  • ...
PLEX Rework - Follow up
Team Size Matters - 21.03.2017 17:06:45
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Hi again!

Last week we announced plans to update PLEX, which you can ready about here. Since then, we’ve been listening to community discussion and now we want to give an update to add clarity and address concerns.

30 Days at A Time

First, we want to emphasize that there are currently no plans to sell game time in portions smaller than 30 days. We noticed that some of you made the fair assumption that because PLEX was becoming granular, it would mean subscription time would be granular as well. This is not the case. Our current plan is that PLEX will only be redeemed for game time in 30 day chunks, just like now. ...

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For the first time ever, the incredible IGC SKINs are available in the New Eden Store for a limited amount of time. 

The Independent Gaming Commission (IGC) SKINs feature a fantastic color scheme. It has sharp, yet elegant contrasts between tin grey, orange, lapis blue, and gunmetal black. 

The new IGC SKINs are available in the New Eden Store only for two weeks from March 21st to April 4th. After that, they will be unlisted from the NES, but they will still be available in game and can be traded on the player market. The new IGC SKINs are available for three ships now: ...


NEW CALDARI - The Chief Executive Panel has responded with outrage this afternoon, after an alleged report from the Federal Intelligence Office passed to the Nugoeihuvi News Network further fuelled Caldari Intelligence Service suspicions that the FIO has been operating illegally within Caldari borders.

The report, which has no credited author or details of intended recipient and is said to have been leaked from within the Federal Intelligence office, highlights what are believed to be a number of inconsistencies in Caldari Navy and Home Guard records, including irregularities in weapons and equipment inventory at the Kyonoke Pit's security cordon around the time frame that the breach by Ohmon Kasaras is believed to have occurred. ...


PERIMETER - The Office of Press for the Caldari Navy has responded angrily to questions from several press outlets that have suggested the involvement of the Caldari Navy, State Peacekeepers and Home Guard in the breach on the Kyonoke Pit which occurred in early February.

The circumstances surrounding the breach, which resulted in a number of still unresolved quarantine situations across the cluster, have been called into question by the Federal Intelligence Office in recent days after senior figures within the organization revealed that the FIO is currently undertaking an investigation that may link the appearance of Kyonoke inside Federal borders with an attempted attack by Caldari Nationalists. ...

EVE_NT Championship finals on Twitch this weekend!
CCP Guard - 17.03.2017 17:28:32
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The finals of the player-run EVE_NT Championship Minor League will take place this Sunday at 19:00 UTC (EVE time). Watch on the EVE_NT_TV Twitch channel.

CCP Fozzie and CCP Antiquarian will join the broadcast as guest commentators.

The teams will be fighting to graduate to the Major League next season, where they´ll face top competition for better payouts.

Team Exodunk is the only team to already secure a spot. Three other teams will move up with them, but the four bottom teams will have to earn their spot in the Minor League once again through the EVE_NT Cup, a single elimination tourmanent where anything can happen. ...