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Patch notes for December 2017 release
CCP Falcon - 08.12.2017 10:08:06
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Patch notes for Arms Race release 1.3
Released on Friday, December 8th, 2017

Defect Fixes

User Interface:

  • Fixed a client UI lockup, which happened when two very similar popup windows should have been shown in succession. This prevented remotely accepting a courier contract between two Upwell structures, but it also caused problems when trying to loot everything from a container, which included at least two contraband items.


Patch notes for Arms Race release 1.2
Released on Thursday, December 7th, 2017

Features & Changes

Missions & NPCs:


Orvolle – Capsuleers of the Arataka Research Consortium [ARC] have claimed the discovery of a new form of neural implant technology in "a hidden laboratory complex in [Caldari] State territory", according to a recent posting on the Capsuleer GalNet channel "Intergalactic Summit".

Capsuleer researchers from ARC have since reported success in reproducing and testing a "neural lace" technology codenamed "Blackglass" that is apparently capable of increasing the strength of network intrusion viruses. Reported downsides are said to be a lowering of the stability of such hacking viruses, making them vulnerable to network countermeasures. ...


On November 30th, we announced the Fanfest 2018 Ticket Holder’s Holiday Prize Draw, that gives all Fanfest 2018 ticket holder the chance to win a Plantronics RIG 600 headset, as well as their Fanfest 2018 ticket for free, and 60 days of Omega Time!

The draw is due to happen on December 11th, so be sure to head on over to the Fanfest ticket sales page on Eventbrite and grab your tickets before downtime on December 11!

Come join us in Reykjavik, Iceland, to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of EVE Online during a weekend of all things internet spaceships.


The Arms Race Event Is Live!
CCP Falcon - 07.12.2017 13:24:46
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With the Arms Race release on Tuesday, or newest event from The Agency kicked off and we've already seen a number of diligent capsuleers max out their rewards!

Be sure to open up The Agency window in game on your Neocom before December 12th and take part to earn points and claim your rewards!



Yulai – A cluster-wide Rogue Swarm Alert has been declared by the DED, as the empires and independent capsuleers scramble to upgrade their capabilities in an arms race with hostile rogue drones. The Inner Circle's recent authorization of new Clone State Alpha capabilities was granted as a response to increasing pirate threats but its rollout over the last few days has proved very timely given this new rogue drone swarm breakout.

Reports have reached the Scope that rogue drone outbreaks are being detected throughout known space. It has been reported that the advanced and dangerous "Swarm Overmind" rogue drone variants are once again present and apparently directing the activities of other rogues drones at infestation locations. ...

Arms Race Release Has Been Successfully Deployed!
CCP Falcon - 05.12.2017 12:04:55
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We're delighted to announce that the Arms Race Release has been successfully deployed!

This release brings a whole host of new options for Alpha pilots to EVE Online with the Expanded Alpha Skillset, and the Daily Alpha Injector.

In addition to this, the Arms Race event will kick off today, when new improvements to Pirate Forward Operating bases, a new Project Discovery Monument, and more visual renovations to New Eden are also released.

The Arms Race release will also contain additional iteration on Resource Wars, with the introduction of the support role, as well as some balance changes to rewards. ...

An Update Regarding Recent Login Server Issues
CCP Falcon - 04.12.2017 18:50:43
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After recent disruptions to the Login Server (single sign on; SSO) system, we’d like to give a little more information on the cause of these outages and work that’s currently being undertaken to fix the cause of the issue.

Typically, this issue has been manifesting itself in a few ways for our pilots:

  • Infinite loading wheel in the EVE Launcher.
  • Broken or missing logon fields in the EVE Launcher.
  • 404/500/503 and other errors when attempting to log into official websites.
  • The EVE Launcher “forgetting” accounts that were previously logged in.
  • ...

Lanngisi, Metropolis Region – The SOE have announced that their planned monument to Project Discovery Phase One will be moved into position outside the Sisters of EVE Bureau in orbit of the second moon of Lanngisi III. The monument has been built into a new biological research center that will operate as an isolated substation of the SOE's facilities in their Lanngisi station.

Sister Latimas of the SOE's Sanctuary research organization said, "We are very happy to be able to mark the vital work of Project Discovery over the period when it provided the backbone of our Drifter tissue analysis through the citizen science research efforts of so many capsuleers. ...


Yulai – CONCORD's Directive Enforcement Department has issued a notice that its monitoring stations set to watch the so-called "Drone Regions" and the major drone-infested deadspace pockets are seeing increased rogue drone activity. The Directive Intelligence Agency is assessing the rogue drone threat as "serious and rising".

This warning comes only days after the CONCORD Assembly had a session on cluster-wide security threats at which discussion of emergent threats such as Drifters and rogue drones was brief and lacked detail. ...

15% Off Skill Extractor Packs!
CCP Falcon - 01.12.2017 18:11:30
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We're happy to announce that from now through until midnight on December 2nd, there will be a 15% discount on Skill Extractor packs in the New Eden Store.

This discount applies to the 5x and 10x packs of Skill Extractors, and is now available in the New Eden Store in game!

This sale will end at midnight UTC on December 2nd, so be sure to get in game and pick up your extractor pack if you'd like to take advantage of the lower price!


Purchasing Skill Extractors is easy:

  • Log into EVE Online
  • Have sufficient PLEX
  • Go to the New Eden Store (press ALT+4 or use the Neocom to access the store)
  • ...