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Join our next mass test this Tuesday, October 25th, and explore the latest EVE Online features under development for the EVE Online: Ascension expansion.  

We invite you to join our next mass test on the test server Singularity this Tuesday, October 25th, at 17:00 EVE time (=UTC). During this mass test we will examine new ship explosion effects, client performance of Command Bursts, Engineering Complexes, and general performance of the client and server.

(Image curtsey of ISD Buldath)

All participants will receive a reward of two million skillpoints (available only on the test server Singularity). ...

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Celebrate the weekend and enjoy an exciting 50% discount on all Wiyrkomi and Justice ship SKINs in the New Eden Store! 

39 Wiyrkomi SKINs and 31 Justice SKINs are on sale with prices ranging from astonishing 370 AUR to 2150 AUR.

This sale will run for seven days from 21st of October to 27th, afterwards those ship SKINs will be removed from the New Eden Store for the time being.


Great Caravanserai, Matar – The Minmatar Tribal Council issued a call today for candidates from all seven tribes of the Minmatar to apply to a new capsuleer recruitment program of the Republic Fleet. It is believed the program will use the recently revealed new cloning technology, which Minmatar sources say considerably widens the pool of viable candidates for capsule adaptation.

The Tribal Council has recently been meeting more frequently and regularly than usual in closed session to "discuss matters of interstellar security and current challenges facing the Minmatar people". ...

2016/10/21 - Login Issues
CCP Falcon - 21.10.2016 17:32:08
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There are currently ongoing login issues due to the fact that one of our service providers is experiencing a Denial of Service (DDoS) attack.

This means that while players currently connected to EVE are not likely to be affected, those attempting to log in my have issues doing so. This issue may also affect our forums, account management services and any other web based services, as well as the New Eden Store in game.

We will provide updates in this thread as soon as we know more about the situation.

Apologies for any inconvenience this might cause. ...

EVE Vegas Alliance Prize Draw Results!
CCP Falcon - 20.10.2016 15:51:41
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On September 15th, we announced the EVE Vegas 2016 Alliance Prize Draw. With the draw now complete, we're ready to announce winner and runner up of the draw!

The winning alliance is Mercenary Coalition, with a total of 34 registered attendees. They will receive the following:

  • ...
Patch notes for YC118.9 release
CCP Phantom - 20.10.2016 12:41:15
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Patch notes for YC118.9 Release 1.4
Published on Thursday, October 20th, 2016

Features & Changes



New ship SKINs available: Crimson Harvest YC118
CCP Phantom - 20.10.2016 10:50:20
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New, fantastic looking Crimson Harvest ship SKINs are up for the grabs. Available in the Store only until November 1st!

Crimson Harvest YC118 SKINs are now available for the following ship hulls:

  • Executioner
  • Maller
  • Oracle
  • Abaddon

Wether you use those SKINs to decorate your ships, for trading on the market, or to keep them as precious collector's item, don't wait too long. 

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The server downtime on October 20th will be extended by 15 minutes. This downtime extension will be used for additional maintenance on the Tranquility cluster.

With this in mind, downtime on Thursday, October 20th will run for a total of 30 minutes, starting at the usual time of 11:00 UTC and running through to 11:30 UTC. We expect Tranquility to be back online and accepting connections by this time.

Apologies for any inconvenience this might cause!

Inception - The new player experience for EVE Online
Team Genesis - 19.10.2016 00:00:00
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Greetings spacefriends,

We’ve been on a very exciting development journey this year to revamp the new player experience.  You got a glimpse into our plans during CCP Ghost's talk at Fanfest, but now it's time to go into details as we will release the first phase of our NPE revamp with EVE's November 8th expansion, Ascension.

We are calling this phase Inception

What is Inception?

Inception is the first phase of a storyline driven campaign that teaches new players the foundations of becoming a capsuleer while immersing them in a storyline with an unravelling mystery to solve. ...


YULAI – Multiple, widespread raids have been carried out across New Eden by covert strikes forces of the Blood Raider Covenant, according to emergency reports from all four core empires and CONCORD.

Early reports suggest that a large-scale operation against all four empires was carried out overnight by covert raiding parties making use of specialized stealth nanocoatings. One report intercepted by the Scope's sources indicates that Blood Raiders operating under the designation "Cold Iron" used the nanocoatings to defeat military early-warning systems. ...