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MAURASI – The Caldari Business Tribunal has confirmed the rescindment of charges against Caldari Customs by the Quafe company this afternoon, after a pre-tribunal settlement was reached between the two organizations that will prevent further legal action against the State Armed Forces.

Speaking to the interstellar press, Justice Kai Etashanko, the administrator for the high-profile case that has gripped both the State and Federation since March confirmed that “The Quafe Company has cancelled all pending litigation against the State Armed Forces after settlement terms were agreed to this morning. ...


E-DOF2, Period Basis – The Blood Raider Covenant's Omir Sarikusa has issued a defiant response to the destruction of his organization's Sotiyo-class shipyard by capsuleers of the Imperium coalition on YC119.05.19.

Speaking exclusively to Ret Gloriaxx of the Scope's Galactic Hour, Sarikusa declared the loss of the shipyard "a necessary and holy sacrifice on the path of the Great Truth". Going further, the Blood Raider leader asserted that "our legions sanctified in blood will renew this work, and once more strike down the false and the faithless, even as they squabble amongst themselves". ...

Patch notes for 119.5 release
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Patch notes for 119.5 Release 1.7
Published on Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

Features & Changes


A new type of skill injector is now available

  • Skill Injector has been renamed to Large Skill Injector.
  • Added a new item, the Small Skill Injector, that works the same way as the large version but contains 1/5th the amount of skill points.
  • Small Skill Injectors can be created by splitting one Large Skill Injector into five Small Skill Injectors. Five Small Skill Injectors can then be combined back into a single Large Skill Injector.

Defect Fixes


E-DOF2, Period Basis – The Blood Raider Covenant has deployed an advanced shipyard based on the Upwell Consortium's 'Sotiyo' platform, according to verified reports from capsuleers operating in the Period Basis nullsec region.

Since being sighted on YC119.05.12, reportedly by Theyrin Maricadie of the capsuleer corporation House Aratus, the Blood Raiders' heavily adapted Sotiyo has come under repeated attack by various capsuleer groups. So far, the Blood Raiders have repelled all assaults with powerful fleets and are evidently determined to defend the installation with maximum firepower. ...


POSTOUVIN - The Scope has learned that the Federal Intelligence Office has seized a wide range of equipment from the former Astral Mining RP4 facility as part of their ongoing investigation into February's outbreak of Kyonoke plague on board the now decommissioned mining and ore processing platform.

Sources within Astral Mining have confirmed that hardware ranging from datacores used for the storage of security holo-footage to fluid routers, maintenance records and emergency broadcasting equipment have all been physically stripped from the site. ...

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YULAI – The Secure Commerce Commission has issued its final notice that trading in quantum-entangled 4-Helium (QE 4-He) will be relaxed when trading resumes later today. The Kimotoro Stock Exchange is preparing for a brisk trade in the newly-authorized QE 4-He chips centered on the capsuleer market in the Jita system.

Sold under the prestigious PLEX standard for almost a decade, QE 4-He chips have undergone several waves of improvement and enhancement of the underlying containment technology. In particular, containment technology now allows for much more precise amounts of QE 4-He to be stored in a miniaturized chip format. ...


OIJANEN - The Myrskaa Metropolitan Corporation has confirmed this evening that the reconstruction contract for the city of Myrskaa has been awarded to the Sukuuvestaa Corporation, after an intense round of bidding and contract negotiations between the two corporations concluded this afternoon.

The agreement comes after the city, once home to more than thirty six million, was destroyed by a series of twelve successive hydrogen antimatter detonations yesterday, bringing the quarantine cordon that has enveloped the site since mid-February to an end. ...


OIJANEN - The Chief Executive Panel has confirmed the total number of deaths caused by the outbreak of Kyonoke Plague in the City of Myrskaa, which saw the entire metropolis quarantined indefinitely in February, after several other outbreaks across the cluster.

In a statement to the interstellar press that was delivered by Odo Hakaalen, the Chief Executive Panel's Corporate Relations Director, it was confirmed that the number of deaths in the city has been calculated at a total of 14,716,509. The Myrskaa metropolitan area saw widespread devastation and was placed under martial law after a Kyonoke infected pilot, now confirmed by the State Armed Forces to be known Templis Dragonaur member Hiak Pakera, crashed landed on its southern outskirts. ...

Patch notes for 119.3 release
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Patch notes for 119.3 Release 1.9
Published on Thursday, April 27th, 2017

Defect Fixes:

User Interface:

  • Tweaked Total Net Worth computation so that it excludes assets that have been already injected in a character (e.g. boosters, skills, implants). Note that this will cause a drop in net worth for many pilots.
  • Fixed an issue with Total Net Worth calculation for extremely high numbers.
  • Changed the update frequency for Total Net Worth calculations to once per 12 hours.
  • Update on April 28: It is again possible to rename corporation divisions and corporation wallet divisions.
  • ...

ALENTENE - Astral Mining have released a statement this afternoon, confirming rumors that the RP4 Hemorphite Processing Facility which became the site of a massive Kyonoke Plague Outbreak in February will not return to service.

In a rare appearance by Dr. Carrelle Orsere, the corporation's usually reclusive Chief Executive, it was confirmed that the platform, which is located in the Federal system of Postouvin, has now been cleared of all survivors of the Kyonoke outbreak, and that clean-up and second level decontamination of the massive facility has begun. ...