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POSTOUVIN - The Scope Galactic News Network has reached out to the Society of Conscious Thought in the last hour, after a flotilla of construction vessels began to arrive in close proximity to the stricken Astral Mining RP4 Hemorphite processing installation.

The vessels, which all carry SoCT markings and identification transponders, appear to have commenced the deployment of an Upwell Consortium designed construction scaffold, with numerous jump freighter class vessels arriving to deliver materials and personnel to the site which is within visual distance of the Kyonoke contaminated facility. ...


MUTTOKON - A press conference held by the Republic Security Services this afternoon has confirmed speculation that the Kyonoke Plague is responsible for the lockdown of a Freedom Extension space elevator in the system of Muttokon.

This new revelation, which was made by Field Administrator Abja Etbald of the RSS, accompanied an announcement that the detached orbital platform of the space elevator has been towed to a concealed location in high orbit by Republic Fleet vessels, in order to further distance it from the densely populated planet below. ...

Patch notes for YC119.2 release
CCP Phantom - 21.02.2017 16:05:12
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Patch notes for YC119.2 Release 1.4
Published on Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

Features & Changes


  • The in-game search will no longer list results for DUST 514 characters.

User Interface:

  • Tutorial videos on the clone states Alpha and Omega are now available in the in-game video library. ...

EFU - In the last hour, the Society of Conscious Thought have confirmed both their rumored contact with Genolution regarding events in Efu, and further details on the containment situation on board the Genolution biotech production facility.

In a press conference hosted from on board the station, SoCT Elder Mentor Matshi Raish confirmed the presence of the Kyonoke Plague on all nine decks that have been sealed off, remarking that the action was "absolutely necessary to prevent further spread of the contagion".

Speaking on behalf of both Genolution and the Society, Elder Raish confirmed that "the Society of Conscious Thought has reached out to contacts in the locations affected in order to offer assistance with the current situation, and will work actively with all authorities across the cluster, as well as the CONCORD Assembly, to ensure that the crisis is brought to an acceptable and controlled resolution as soon as possible." ...


VILLORE - The Senate has released a short-notice statement after a memo leaked from within the Federal Intelligence Office has confirmed an outbreak of the Kyonoke Plague in the Gallente system of Postouvin.

The memo, which appears to have been written to Mentas Blaque, Director of the FIO's Special Department of Internal Investigations - more commonly known as the Black Eagles - details suspicions from the unnamed author that the events in Oijanen and Postouvin may be linked, and that an outbreak of the Kyonoke plague may be to blame for the loss of communication with the Hemorphite processing facility in orbit of the system's fourth planet. ...


TAISY - The Nugoeihuvi News Network has confirmed reports from a news bulletin earlier today, that a detachment of State Peacekeepers has returned from a successful investigative expedition to the Kyonoke Pit, bringing evidence of an unauthorized breach that is believed to have occurred within the last two weeks.

In a statement delivered by General Varanori Ruukin, commanding officer of the State Peacekeepers, the interstellar press were notified that "an operation concluded approximately one hour ago with no loss of life, that was intended to confirm the integrity of the quarantine cordon around the Kyonoke Pit in the system of Taisy." ...

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OIJANEN - The interstellar scientific community has become a hive of activity this afternoon, after the release of initial findings by a team of Zainou virologists based within the quarantined city of Myrskaa on Oijanen II.

After preliminary investigation, the team released a statement to Zainou's security division, which has now been forwarded as a "Top Secret" grade classified document to the Chief Executive Panel for review.

The Scope can confirm that contained within the statement, was the digital transmission of a full report on the pathogen, which is believed to have infected as many as two million inside the quarantine cordon at this stage. ...


OIJANEN - The Scope Galactic News Network has learned from contacts in New Caldari that the Chief Executive Panel called an emergency session just moments ago.

The demand for an emergency session mandates the immediate return of the big eight mega corporate CEOs to New Caldari, and comes after extensive testing this week has lead to the confirmation of an outbreak of the Kyonoke Plague in the densely populated city of Myrskaa on Oijanen II.

The State Armed Forces have moved quickly to bolster security around the full closure quarantine cordon that was put in place four days ago, with all access to the city suspended and the site now declared to be under martial law. ...


YULAI - The Gallente Senate has confirmed the handover of intelligence relating to Serpentis Corporation and Guardian Angel operations to CONCORD's Directive Enforcement Department today, in the wake of the largest narcotics raid in the history of Federation Customs.

The intelligence, which includes the locations of thousands of smuggling and distribution sites across the cluster, was subsequently released to capsuleers by the DED this morning, exposing a "significant proportion" of the distribution network used by the two outlaw corporations to supply narcotics and black market weapons. ...

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POSTOUVIN - The Scope has learned that Astral Mining has lost contact with a prospecting facility in the region of Solitude, after a complete communications blackout was put in place from on board the platform several hours ago.

The corporation has confirmed that the facility, which specializes in high value Nocxium extraction and refining, initially issued a distress call to its headquarters at around 08:00 NEST, reporting details of widespread disruption and rioting. The distress call was silenced and reported as a hoax around fifteen minutes later, before the facility went completely dark less than an hour later. ...