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YULAI – An influx of capsuleers adopting the new Alpha Clone technology has bolstered the numbers of New Eden's elite pilots, despite a major escalation in Drifter activity and direct assaults on military assets of the "Big Four" empires.

The Scope's Alton Haveri has reported in depth on last week's developments, including the adoption of Alpha Clone technology, the Drifter attacks and the warnings of the "Pharos of Thera" group apparently led by former Sanctuary scientist Taya Akira.

While the Drifters appear to have committed significant assets to their strikes against the empires, including using an unknown technique to establish their automated Hives in the heart of New Eden, the repeated assaults are being beaten back with the assistance of newly recruited capsuleers. ...

The Caedes and Rabisu Spotlight
ISD Khiara Delvort  - 16.11.2016 11:04:41
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The alliance tournament has now concluded, bringing with it some awesome rewards for the winners.
One of these rewards is the Caedes covert ops frigate. It’s an immensely powerful ship with the ability to use the covert ops cloak along with technology not found in the average space ship. It has extremely powerful webbing and capacitor draining technology. The Caedes also boasts powerful hacking technology.  Anyone wanting to add a Caedes to their collection  will be expecting to have to pay around 140 billion isk.

ORVOLLE – Reports of Drifters attacking research facilities in the territories of the "Big Four" CONCORD powers have been reported by capsuleers. The Scope has independently verified that multiple Drifter strikes have taken place and the situation is ongoing.

The apparently widespread Drifter assaults come against a background of the new "Alpha" cloning technology having been rolled out to general availability, as per the terms of the Yulai Convention's technology sharing provisions and agreements on spaceship captain access to cloning. ...


M-MD3B – Drifter activity is undergoing a shift in patterns seen in so-called "W-space", according to the Sisters of EVE splinter group calling itself "Pharos of Thera". Sources in the Thukker Tribe have confirmed that anomalous behavior has been observed in known centers of Drifter activity in W-space, the wormhole connected regions also known as "Anoikis".

Former Sanctuary School scientist Taya Akira, the figurehead of the Pharos group, has told the Scope that her sources have "seen a subtle but steady shifting of Drifter activity in Anoikis reflecting a possible expansion of their K-space operations beyond the well-established pattern of surveillance and scavenging." ...


Villore – Director Mentas Blaque of the FIO testified before the Gallente Federation Senate's Security and Intelligence Committee on the subject of the new "Alpha" cloning technology, this morning. Director Blaque serves as the head of the Federal Intelligence Office, as well as personally overseeing the controversial Special Department of Internal Investigations and Federal Security – more commonly known as the "Black Eagles".

Director Blaque testified that, "The new cloning technology we have acquired has been rapidly developed into a viable pathway for our military and intelligence services' cloning programs. ...


YULAI – The joint command of CONCORD and core empires fighting against the recent Blood Raider Covenant attacks on cloning facilities has announced that its major offensive against the Blood Raiders has been a complete success, in large part due to the efforts of independent capsuleers.

Captain Marshal Sirdan xer Qosh, Imperial Delegate to the CONCORD Inner Circle and Commander of Anti-Covenant Joint Operations, declared his "total satisfaction that the threat from the Blood Raider cultists has been stamped out". CONCORD Inner Circle President Seri Okonaya expressed her "gratitude for the tremendous assistance of the independent capsuleer community in the fight against these renegades". ...


YULAI – CONCORD has issued a fresh call for independent capsuleers to join in an "all out assault against the Blood Raider Covenant's bases across New Eden" in response to continuing Blood Raider attacks on military and civilian cloning facilities.

As the Scope has reported, Blood Raider forces have switched from covert operations using their "Cold Iron" strike forces to brazen assaults in full force, utilizing their newest capital ship designs. Omir Sarikusa, leader of the Blood Raider Covenant, has continued to call on Sani Sabik cultists to rise up and has claimed that "all will become one with [him] in a Red Reclaiming". ...


Aring, Genesis Region – Former Sister of EVE and Sanctuary scientist Taya Akira, notable for exposing details of the SOE's presence in Thera, has alleged that the new "Alpha" cloning technology recently developed by the SOE combines data from the SOE's Project Discovery, research from the Sanctuary's scientific outposts in Thera, and techniques hitherto unknown to New Eden's scientific community.

Speaking exclusively to the Scope, from a secure location in the Aring system, Taya Akira warned that the Sanctuary's research in Thera included exploration of "profoundly dangerous remnants of technologies touching on neurocybernetic adaptation and artificial intelligence". ...


New Caldari – Leading megacorporations Kaalakiota and Sukuuvestaa have announced they are providing technical, logistical and material support to the Caldari Navy, "in order to facilitate the most rapid uptake of advances in cloning technology for the security of the Caldari people and the preservation of our way of life".

Usually positioned as great rivals in the complex corporate politics of the Caldari State, the Kaalakiota and Sukuuvestaa megacorps are generally considered to be the most powerful players in their respective corporate factions: the Patriots and the Practicals. ...


Great Caravanserai, Matar – The Minmatar Tribal Council issued a call today for candidates from all seven tribes of the Minmatar to apply to a new capsuleer recruitment program of the Republic Fleet. It is believed the program will use the recently revealed new cloning technology, which Minmatar sources say considerably widens the pool of viable candidates for capsule adaptation.

The Tribal Council has recently been meeting more frequently and regularly than usual in closed session to "discuss matters of interstellar security and current challenges facing the Minmatar people". ...